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René of Paris

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Hairlucinations is delighted to bring these new additions. The Wren wig from the Hi-Fashion collection by Rene of Paris has long layers which we think are simply fabulous! Why we particularly love this shape of the Wren wig is the fringe, which is quite unusual for the longer styles. The fringe is a brilliant contrast to the longer length. The top area of the wig is slightly straighter and flatter. It then effortlessly blends into relaxed, open waves which evoke the feeling of summer time and happy days.

Here are the measurements for you, which will help you to judge where the wig will fall against your own stature and face shape. The fringe measures 10cm. whilst the longer crown layers measure about 37cm. The nape is 40cm and the fabulously long, overall length is 55cm. The overall length is measured from the central crown area of the wig, to the back tips. The weight of the Wren wig is distributed cleverly. The main body has a light to medium weight, whilst towards the tips, the density gets lighter. This is a clever design which creates the feel and illusion that this is your own biological hair.

The cap construction has been made from MACHINE WEFT. Wefts are simple strips of material which will provide a level of ventilation to your head. The internal crown area has been covered with a flower netting material. This type of construction is a useful design with the longer styles as it helps to maintain lift at the top. Otherwise, the style could look too floppy and false looking. Rene of Paris have added all of the new colours for the Wren wig. Lots of new tones and shades for you to experiment with too! If you wear this piece due to hair loss, this is where you can comfortably secure your wig with wig tape for additional security.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.