Miranda wig
René of Paris

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Hairlucinations presents the Miranda wig from the Amore collection by Rene of Paris. This is a beautiful longer length wig, with face flattering layers. A BEST SELLER with our in-house clients.

Rene of Paris have given this piece an advantage. This piece is a DOUBLE MONOFILAMENT, which means that wherever you part the Miranda, she will give the impression that the hair is coming from your own scalp. Monofilaments are the ultimate in comfort and realistic appearance and used through out this range.

The fringe measures 13.5cm, so it is worn to the side. The finishing at the forehead has been delicately constructed, so that the 'open' fringe appearance is incredibly realistic. The fringe then perfectly blends into the straight, longer layers which are shaped and fall towards the neck. Because of the length and the feathered layers, there is a lot of natural sway and movement. This piece can be refined to your own taste by seeking the skills of a professional hairdresser to alter length and texture.

The Miranda is ultra modern as it creates the effect that your look has just recently been 'straightened'. Feminine and natural.

The Miranda has a poly tape strip, which has beautifully been constructed into the front of the wig. If you wear this piece due to hair loss, this is where you can comfortably secure your wig with wig tape for additional security.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.