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René of Paris

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This is a stunner and one of our BEST SELLERS. Hairlucinations presents the Megan wig from Noriko. This piece has lots of crown volume, perfectly blending into the tapered neck. Stylish and modern. Another popular design from the Rene of Paris range. The fringe measures 11cm, so it will sit swept to the side. The layers fall towards the face, settling into textured points. You can though if you prefer, dress the side layers behind your ears for a different look. this appears to be a shorter haircut this way.

The top and crown areas are thicker and have a rounded shape. The MACHINE WEFTED structure of the inside of the cap will ensure that this shape will stay throughout your day. The lifted layers then fall perfectly into the tapered neckline. The nape measures 5.5cm, so it will hug your neck sweetly and snugly. The volume at the crown, coupled with the shorter nape create a modern and trendy silhouette. MD Angela says this is a really easy piece to wear and one of our simplest to maintain.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.