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Here, at Hairlucinations, we present to you the Sorento Mono wig from the Stimulate collection. It is a natural looking wig, which has a light and airy cap construction. The design of the cap will help you to feel cool throughout your wig wearing day.

The back of the wig is made up of open wefts, which are the elements providing you with some ventilation against your scalp. The slim strips of material have an open space between them, so it should not feel too constricted. There is a fabulous MONOFILAMENT / LACE FRONT, which extends to a lace front finish at the hairline. The lace front will allow you to choose where you would prefer to part the hair. You can either have the parting to the left, the right, or if you prefer you can style if forwards so you have a full fringe. Between the lace top and the wefts, there is an area of netting covering the wefts. This just helps to create a bit of extra structure in this particular area. At the nape there are velcro adjusters, which allow you to tighten or slacken the circumference of the wig by up to 4-5cm.

The overall look of the Sorento Mono wig is a classic, softly bodied style with natural layers throughout. The fringe measures about 8cm and has been textured through, so it will not sit chunkily against your forehead. There is an overall softness with this wig. The layers have been gently feathered and there is a subtle lift and body that can be tousled up if you run your fingers through the fibre. The back shape of the Sorento Mono is particularly lovely. It has a slight bevelled silhouette, with some softly textured flicks within. By simply running your fingers through the fibre, you can create some more lift should you fancy.

The nape layers measure approximately 5cm and are a contrast to the body at the back of your head. The nape layers will sit snugly and sweetly against your neckilne finishing this style off beautifully. 

The Sorento Mono wig is really natural and also light to wear so if you wear this piece due to hair loss, this is where you can comfortably secure your wig with wig tape for additional security.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.