Sarria Mono wig
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MD Angela adores the Sarria Mono wig. A stylish and choppy look that is light to wear, easy to maintain and very, very gorgeous.

The cap design is MONOFILAMENT, which means that you can decide where you have your parting. There is also a fabulous pre-cut LACE FRONT, which will eliminate any unsightly 'wig edge' showing, should you decide to sweep the fringe to the side.

Here at Hairlucinations, we love this style as it is very modern. The layers are light and have a low density. You will not suddenly have masses of hair with the Sarria Mono style.

The textured layers are wonderful at the back, with a flicked and choppy silhouette. The side layers continue with this theme, feathering in front of your ear.

We love this wig. Incredibly naturally looking and really modern. Simply beautiful.

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