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René of Paris

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Hairlucinations has another in house favourite. The Sandie MACHINE WEFTED wig from the Noriko collection by Rene of Paris is a gorgeous style, combining soft curls and straight layers. Pretty from any direction! Simple and easy to maintain.

The fringe is 13cm, so it is worn swept to the side. This then perfectly integrates into the straighter side layers. You can style them forward onto your face, or you can feather them away into the curlier back layers. Very versatile!

There is tousled volume at the crown. The crown layers are 16.5cm and are straighter than the back area of this wig. The back has soft curls and lots of texture, creating a very feminine silhouette. The Sandie is incredibly versatile and, depending upon your mood, you can tousle the curls up or smooth them down. The choice is yours. Lots of variations give lots of different effects.

This wig is a modern cut, combining two textures within the one style. Another great cut from Noriko. Very little is needed to maintain this piece. Wash, condition and leave on your wig stand.

The Sandie is available in lots of lovely colours, including the stunning Grey shades.

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