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Hairlucinations uses this piece a lot with our in-house clients. The Pam from the Noriko collection by Rene of Paris is a MACHINE WEFTED short, cropped look that is flattering to all face shapes and has been designed by Rene of Paris to look soft and very natural. A light and easy to wear piece.

The fringe measures 6cm, so it will sit above your brow. The Pam is a very versatile wig, so if you prefer, you could style the fringe away from your forehead for a more open look.

There are short, cropped layers throughout the Pam, creating lots of natural movement. The layers at the side have been shaped to fall just in front of your ears into a very soft point. For a short cut, this style has lots of coverage around your natural hairline, so if you are wearing this piece over your own hair, you can be confident that your own style will not show. We RECOMMEND that a head cap be worn to contain any of your own hair for an even more natural.

The neckline of the Pam, which measures 3.5cm, will fit snugly against your nape and it will be a sweet and close fit. If further customising is needed please seek the skills of a professional Hairdresser to cut and texturise this more for the perfect result.

A pretty, short style..... which has lots of versatility. The look can be completely changed by simply spiking up with styling products. The choice is yours.

The Pam is available in lots of lovely colours, including the stunning grey shades. We have plenty of colours in our collection so take a good look and explore the possibilities.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.