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René of Paris

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One of Hairlucinations BEST SELLERS, this is the Nima wig from the Noriko collection by Rene of Paris. This is a beautifully tapered short cut, that creates an incredibly sophisticated and classic look through out its shape.

The construction features a feather light, MACHINE WEFTED cap which is incredibly lightweight to wear all day. The fabulous thing about this cap is that it also features a 'bone' at the front which you can bend and shape to the contour of your head, providing even more comfort every time you pop it on. This unique feature is usually found in more expensive makes.

The fringe measures 10-14cm and naturally sweeps to the side. The Nima can actually be styled into a more asymmetric style if cut by a professional hairdresser. The crown layers measure 18cm and are sleek and smooth. You can, however, add styling products to make this wig more funky.

Rene of Paris have noted that the hair at the front of the wig is quite thick, so be aware if you get this area professionally cut. Your hairdresser can use steam to smooth back down the layers. Choose your professional carefully.

The contrast between the back of the Nima and the tapered nape is just beautiful, the perfect silhouette. It softly falls on the neck giving structure to this beautiful shaped wig.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.