Milan Hair Enhancer
René of Paris

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Hairlucinations presents the stunning Noriko Milan Enhancement Hairpiece from Rene of Paris. It is gorgeous. Perfect if you have thinning hair, but you do not have a requirement for a full wig an ENHANCEMENT HAIRPIECE is a fantastic solution to blend into your own hair, without the weight of a full wig.

The Milan Hair Enhancer is a MONOFILAMENT construction. This clever design will create the effect that the hair is coming from your own scalp. A solution for you that looks completely natural. To customise the shape seek the skills of a professional hairdresser to cut the lengths and texturise is necessary.


Simply position the Enhancer Hairpiece towards the front of your hairline. There are five pressure clips to ensure that this piece stays securely all day.

With five simple clicks, the Milan Hair Enhancer will lay comfortably against your head. The pressure clips enables the attachment to be less bulky and more compact. MD Angela uses lots of these in different colours to match and design beautiful shapes. A BEST SELLER.

The Milan measures approximately 44cm. You can either blend with your own hair, or use this piece for extra length as explained above.

If you are purchasing an Enhancement Hairpiece check and take your time on your colour choice. The better the colour match, the better the blend between your own hair and the hairpiece.

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