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Here, at Hairlucinations, we present to you the Marina Comfort wig from the Stimulate Collection. It is a short style and incredibly comfortable to wear.

The cap design is a combination of a hand tied top & super fine wefts which have been covered by a delicate netting in order to provide a luxurious softness. The hand tied top has also got a delicate netting cover, which provides an extra layer of comfort. Ideal if you are considering this wig due to complete hair loss from either medical treatments or alopecia. There is also an added feature of a LACE FRONT. The lace front will allow you to sweep the fringe away from your forehead, should you prefer.

MD Angela has noticed that the Stimulate Comfort wigs are measuring a couple of centimetres less than the standard average cap. This is all down to the comfort construction and the hand tied element of the design. This particular wig measures 53cm, whereas the average wigs normally start at approximately 54cm. Just be aware of this before ordering.

The overall look of the Marina Comfort is a natural, short style with longer layes on the top. The longer layers help to soften the look and are in a lovely contrast to the tapered back and neckline. The fringe measures approximately 10cm and has been textured out, so it will soften a block fringe against your forehead. The crown layers are also about 11cm and really soften the silhouette of this wig. You can run your fingers through the style and add more body to your look should you fancy more lift.

The nape layers measure about 6cm and will sit snugly against your neckline. The back layers will follow your head shape beautifully as they are tapered to follow your natural contours. MD Angela thinks the Marina Comfort is a really comfortable wig which has flattering longer layers on top. A truly, lovely style. If you wear this piece due to hair loss, this is where you can comfortably secure your wig with wig tape for additional security.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.