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Hairlucinations bring to you this cutting edge technology. The Mambo LACE FRONT wig from the HiTec Hair Stimulate collection is a beautiful and ultra-stylish shoulder-length piece that is full of loose, beachy waves and curls.

The fringe measures 26cm and is worn naturally swept to the side. If you find the fringe too long, you can always have it professionally cut to suit. The fabulous textured fringe then perfectly blends into the longer side layers. You will find a small lace front that will allow the hairline in this area to appear incredibly natural.

The crown layers, which measure 28cm, are full of beachy waves and curls that look very natural. There is not too much bulk at the back as Stimulate has created a style that will move just like your own hair.

The thing we love most about the Mambo wig is HEAT RESISTANT synthetic hair. You can style to your heart's content. The maximum heat we recommend is 140 degrees, and we advise that you do not use GHD's as they are too hot for the fibre.

If you do style this wig, it will magically hold in place for 2 washes and then will need re-styling again. If you find yourself wearing this wig every day, then you will only need to wash it every 7-10 days. Simply tousle with styling products for a 'modern' look, or smooth down for a sleeker and more polished look.

A flattering style that MD Angela has fallen in love with.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.