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Hairlucinations presents another beautiful wig, the Kimera Deluxe. We do not think that the model image of this wig does it justice. In reality the Kimera Deluxe is a gorgeously natural wig that has gentle flicks and flips throughout, which will frame your face beautifully.

The cap construction has a lot to do with how lovely this wig looks. Deluxe cap designs incorporate a hand tied construct. This means that the fibre has been individually hand knotted throughout the cap, having the consequence that the fibre moves more naturally. There are some slim wefts towards the nape and the side which has been delicately covered with a soft netting. This has specifically been designed to give the cap some structure. Without these wefts, the cap would be too loose.

The top has a MONOFILAMENT / LACE TOP with an extended LACE FRONT. These features will allow you to decide where you place your parting, as well as giving you the flexibility to style your fringe away from your forehead, should you prefer. The nape has soft velcro tab adjusters, which will give you about 4-5cm of circumference variation. You can tighten, or loosen the wig should you require a bit more comfort adjustment.

The actual shape of the Kimera Deluxe is really lovely. The fringe measures approximately 17cm, which can be worn swept to either side. The overall length from the crown to the back tips measures about 32cm. This is a lovely length, not too long that it is overpowering. The side layers are shorter and will effortlessly fall towards your chin, perfectly framing your face. There is a combination of straight layers and flicks within this style. This type of look always looks really flattering. Additional tapes can be added for extra support.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.