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René of Paris

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Hairlucinations presents the Gia wig from the Hi-Fashion collection by Rene of Paris. This is the ultimate timeless chic style of all time. This fuss free, super gorgeous short cut will leave you feeling fabulous all day long.

This wig has an AERO-LIGHT cap. The TOP area has a semi-circle of open wefts to ensure that this section is airy and lightweight. The CROWN area has a closed, flower net material section. This MACHINE WEFT has been expertly designed to allow the volume at this area to stay with you throughout the day, maintaining lift. There is also a soft COMFORT strip at the edge of the wig so that it will sit comfortably against your skin. Additional tapes can be added.

The fringe is quite long at 15cm, so it is swept to the side, perfectly blending into the shorter layers at the ear. The side layers will then come forward in front of your ears, contouring into a subtle point. The beauty of this wig is that you can style a lot of the side layers behind your ears if you want a shorter, different look.

The crown has subtle volume, which is lifted and has lots of movement. The lift will stay with you throughout your day as the crown layers are 8.5cm. Perfect length to create a soft height at your crown. The volume at the crown then tapers beautifully into the nape sitting sweetly and snugly into the neck area. The extra bonus for the stunning Gia is the weight of the piece, only 2oz, so it is very light as well. Chic and stylish.

The Gia is available in lots of lovely colours, including all the grey shades. Take a good look at all the colours available as this is one of our BEST SELLERS.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.