Festa Mono wig
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Hairlucinations presents to you this popular piece. The Festa Mono wig from the Stimulate Collection is a natural looking short wig with an asymmetrical side sweeping fringe, which falls to the right. Even though this wig has a MONOFILAMENT top area, it is advised that you leave the parting on the left side. This is because the asymmetrical fringe has been designed to flow to the right. The fringe measures approximately 13cm and the designers at Stimulate have textured it out, so it is not too heavy.

There is a slight lift at the back area of the crown, which helps to accentuate the gently rounded silhouette at the back. The crown layers measure about 12cm and, because of the length, you can tousle up your look slightly should you prefer. What we found with the whole of the Stimulate Collection is that the fibre is really soft. When you run your fingers through it, the fibre feels like your bio hair.

The Festa Mono wig will give you a natural contour at the back, with the layers tapering into a sweet neckline. The nape measures approximately 5cm, so you will feel comfortable if you are wearing this wig over your own hair, knowing that your natural hairline will not show. If you wear this piece due to hair loss, this is where you can comfortably secure your wig with wig tape for additional security.

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