Festa Deluxe wig
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Hairlucinations presents this simply amazing piece. MD Angela identifies this as one of our most purchased wigs to date. The first thing to mention about the Festa Deluxe wig from the Stimulate Collection is the cap construction. It is the ultimate in luxury. The main body of the design is HAND TIED. The fibre has been individually stitched into the cap, which allows for a completely natural movement. The nape of the wig has several soft pre-stitched seams. These help to give the wig some structure, otherwise it may be too loose. This lovely wig has a MONOFILAMENT top, finished off with a lace front. These features offer the benefit of being able to sweep your fringe away from your forehead, without revealing any clumpy wig edge. The monofilament creates the illusion that the hair is coming from your own scalp. The Festa Deluxe is certainly living up to its name! There are soft, velvet areas located at the ears. These allow you to manoeuvre the position of your wig easily as there is a structured component within the velvet material. The velcro tabs at the nape are soft and easy to use. You can tighten or slacken the wig by about 4-5cm, should you need to adjust the circumference.

The Festa Deluxe wig is an overall short style in contrast to the long & lifted layers at the top. The fringe measures approximately 11cm and naturally falls to the right. It has a slight asymmetrical feel to it, which is accentuated by the layered volume at the crown. You can style up the crown layers by simply running your fingers through the fibre. They measure approximately 13cm and will provide you with a subtle height.

The nape measures approximately 5cm and will sit snugly against your neckline. The back of the wig blends beautifully into the nape, finishing this wig off perfectly. If you wear this piece due to hair loss, this is where you can comfortably secure your wig with wig tape for additional security.

The Festa Deluxe wig is a stylish short style, with light and textured layers at the top. A fabulous asymmetrical shape, as well as a tapered back.  MD Angela simply loves this phenomenal cap construction. Luxury at its best!

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