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Hairlucinations introduces the HUMAN HAIR Diamond wig from the Gem Collection. This is a beautiful piece that has been exquisitely designed with your comfort in mind. This is one of our very BEST SELLERS.

Hairlucinations strives to deliver top quality and this is what is important when choosing a human hair wig. Human hair pieces can be cut and styled into whichever style you choose! This piece is made from the finest quality, 100% natural, Remy human hair and features a MONOFILAMENT top. The beauty of the monofilament feature is that whichever way you part the crown area, it will give the impression that the hair is coming from your own scalp. Very natural fall to the hair.

Hairlucinations notes on this piece an additional feature of a FULL LACE FRONT. This is the ultimate for a natural hairline, creating an undetectable finish. To allow for a perfect finish that is just right for you, the lace front of the Diamond is uncut. Seek the skills of a professional Hairdresser to cut this piece to your requirements to make it completely personalised to you.

The density of a human hair wig is an important consideration when choosing which piece to buy. The Diamond has the perfect density which is essential if a wig is to look natural. Too much hair knotted into the cap will make it look bulky and yet too little hair will shorten the life span of your wig. The Diamond has the perfect density. This quality is reflected in the price in comparison to other wigs so the ability to style to your requirements is amassing.

Hairlucinations decided that if their customers were going to invest in a HUMAN HAIR wig, it would be more beneficial to the clients not to limit them with specific styles. This is why the Gem Collection HUMAN HAIR pieces come unstyled. This collection gives you total control, as you can have this exquisite HUMAN HAIR cut just how you like it. A professional hairdresser is a must.

You can straighten, curl, tong or colour. The choice is yours! We do advise that you do not exceed 180 degrees for the lighter shades, as any hotter could damage the hair

COLOUR selection changes must be performed by a professional!

Unstyled length 45cm

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.