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Hairlucinations is very proud to present to you the talking point of our Cori Deluxe wig which is the inside cap construction. Here is a luxurious design, with lots of features that will make your wig wearing day comfortable. The main body of the cap has been HAND TIED. Hand tied wigs are superior in comfort as they have been individually knotted to provide a soft, and slightly stretchy feel against your scalp. Hand tied styles are super comfortable for our customers who are purchasing due to complete hair loss as either a consequence of alopecia or medical treatments.

The top area is a MONOFILAMENT / LACE design, which effortlessly blends into a LACE FRONT. These features are excellent in mimicking the appearance of your own biological hair.  Another reason that the Cori Deluxe is perfect if you have complete hair loss, is that at the ear and nape area, are slim sections of a super thin, transparent material. This will have a gentle suction effect against your skin. As with all hand tied wigs, the Cori Deluxe is classed as a medium/petite size, measuring in at about 51cm. This is usually a 'petite' size and it is something you should consider when looking at this style. It is the nature of the cap design which makes it fit smaller.

Not only has the Cori Deluxe wig got a luxurious cap design, but the overall look is super natural too. Short choppy layers throughout have got body and lift creating a lovely silhouette. The fringe measures approximately 6cm and you can wear down towards the brow, to the left, or to the right. It is completely your choice. The crown layers are a bit longer measuring 7cm. As the fibre is so soft, the layers will not stick up and look strange, but they will blend perfectly into the main body of the wig.

The back layers are feathered in, so that they follow your contours perfectly. The nape measures about 5cm, so it will fit snugly against your neckline. You can, however, add styling products to make this wig more funky.

If you are looking for a comfortable and natural looking short wig, then the Cori Deluxe is on our highly recommended list for all the above reasons.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.