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René of Paris

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Here, at Hairlucinations, we are over the moon that our customers now have TWO choices for our Best Selling Codi wig. This version - Codi XO - has an improved luxurious cap construction. Incredible comfort for your favourite style.

The abbreviation XO basically means 'incredibly gorgeous and so very, very comfortable, luxury cap construction'. It is just a shorter way to say it! The TOP area of this wig has a HAND TIED, DOUBLE MONOFILAMENT construction. This means that wherever you part the wig, it will look as if the hair is coming from your own scalp. The hand knotting of the monofilament area also has a soft covering which makes the wig feel super soft against your head. This is one of Hairlucinations BEST SELLERS and we can't RECOMMEND this piece enough.

The main body of the wig has slim WEFTS, with an additional feature which is just fabulous. Amore have added a SOFT, ULTRA FINE FABRIC to cover the wefting so everything is really soft. The covered wefts are also slim so they will hug the natural contours of your head beautifully. You will not only look fabulous, but you will also feel fabulous. One of our easiest wigs to wear.

The construction finishes with a POLYURETHANE STRIP at the front hairline area of the wig. This is where you can comfortably secure your wig with tape for additional security.

The Codi XO is a gorgeous, angle shaped bob wig with a side sweeping fringe to create a beautiful silhouette. The fringe measures approximately 14cm and is naturally swept to the side. This then perfectly blends into the side layers beautifully. The layers at the front which sit below chin level, curve in slightly towards the end to create a striking silhouette. The length at the back gradually gets shorter, creating an angled shaped bob. This graduation of the style adds to the realistic and natural swing of this wig. The nape finishes beautifully, measuring 5cm which will blend perfectly into your natural neckline. Hairlucinations just loves this piece with these dimensions and construction.

Hairlucinations Codi XO wig is full of style, sophistication and, most importantly, comfort. This is a fabulous wig with an amazing cap construction! Once you try this you will never look back.

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