Cento Mono wig
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Hairlucinations presents to you the Cento Mono Lace wig from the Stimulate Art Class collection. It is a beautiful, modern cut that will frame your face and show off your features.

The trendy fringe can be styled forward and measures approximately 10cm - just below brow level. You can also alter this look by slightly curving the fringe to the side. The nape measures at 6cm which will naturally blend into your neck. A cute, cropped and classic cut.

The side layers have been feathered so that they will naturally fall into a gentle point in front of your ears. You can, should you prefer, style the side layers behind your ears for a different look. The crown layers have a subtle lift, creating a gentle volume. This wig will not cling to the top of your head, but it will look completely realistic.

The cap construction has been HAND TIED with a MONOFILAMENT piece which allows you to part the hair wherever you want, giving you a very natural appearance. The hair line also has a LACE FRONT meaning the hair line will be virtually undetectable.

If you fancy sophisticated simplicity then this is the wig for you. A stunning short cut that we are delighted to offer.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.