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Hairlucinations presents to you the Cassana Deluxe wig from the Stimulate Collection. It is a natural, shoulder length style that is incredibly light to wear. MD Angela is simply blown away by the cap construction.

The main body of the Cassana Deluxe has been completely HAND TIED. This is where the fibre is individually hand knotted which helps to create better movement, a more natural fall of the fibre and aims to replicate bio hair exactly. This particular wig is of a very low density, so the amount of fibre that has been hand knotted into the cap is more sparse than that of a wefted construct. If you are looking for a wig with lots of heavy volume at the back, then this is not the wig for you. The deluxe element of the Cassana Deluxe, which will create a really comfortable wearing experience, has a flip side that the density will be considerably lower.

The top area is a MONOFILAMENT / LACE TOP, with a fully extended lace front which goes right to the ear tabs. This is what we call a deluxe cap design! The lace top allows you to be in charge of where you style your parting. The hairline lace front will allow you to sweep your fringe away from your forehead, as well as positioning the hair behind your ears, without any unsightly wig edge showing. Throughout the main body of cap design, there are several slim wefts, which have been covered by a delicate netting. These wefts are required, otherwise, because of the hand tied element of this wig, the cap would be too loose. The Cassana Deluxe is a perfect example of a luxurious wig!

The overall look of the Cassana Deluxe wig is a straight, shoulder length style which looks super natural. The fringe measures approximately 18cm and can be worn swept to the right, or left side. The overall length of the wig from the crown to the tips at the back layers, measures approximately 43cm. As the layers are of a low density, there is lots of opportunity to style your look in different ways. Why not try a pony tail, or scrunch up with a butterfly clip? There is a lot of versatility with this shoulder length cut which will allow you to have lots of fun.

The Cassana Deluxe is a really, natural looking wig that will benefit from additional products.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.