Baile Mono wig
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Hairlucinations give you another beautiful piece. The Baile Mono wig from the Stimulate Collection is long, luscious and surprisingly quite light, if you take into consideration the volume of hair. The cap is predominantly a wefted cap construction, so you will have the benefit of open wefts which will help to keep you cool. There is a pre-defined left parting, which will naturally guide the super long fringe gracefully to the right. The pre-defined parting has a MONOFILAMENT  construction, so in this particular area it will cleverly create the impression that the hair is coming from your own scalp. The flowing fringe which sweeps to the right measures approximately 33cm. The layers of the fringe effortlessly fall into the main body of the wig creating a continuity of style.

The overall length of the Baile Mono, when measuring from the crown to the bottom of the back tips, is 50cm. As mentioned, this style is light and the layers are not too thick at the back. You will not have lots of weight at the back, but there will be enough to make it luscious! The crown layers measure approximately 35cm, so the blend of lengths cleverly adds a subtle swing to this pretty look. MD Angela’s opinion is that this wig moves naturally. Sometimes longer styles can look a bit too structured, which can lead them to look like a wig. The movement of the Baile Mono is really natural.

This wig is an medium/petite sized cap and there are velcro tabs at the nape, should you need to make the fit tighter, or slacker. The icing on the cake for this style is the LACE FRONT. It has been cleverly extended from the monifilament part, and will give you the confidence you may need to style your fringe away from your forehead. Have a play with your look and experiment. MD Angela believes the more you run your fingers through and play with the style, the more natural it will look. If you wear this piece due to hair loss, this is where you can comfortably secure your wig with wig tape for additional security.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.