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René of Paris

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The Anastasia wig from René of Paris is a really attractive tapered bob wig with softly feathered sides, available here at Hairlucinationswigs.

This wig has a closed, flower net material part at the top crown. This has been skillfully built to enable the loudness to remain constant throughout the day at this position. This wig is MACHINE WEFTED, and the edge of the wig also has a delicate FINISHING strip so that it will be gentle against your skin.

The 11.5cm fringe is elegantly placed at brow level. The front side layers have somewhat longer side layers that fall towards the face and form a modest point.

The Anastasia has a gorgeous silhouette and a trendy overall design. It resembles the Tori quite a bit, although it has a softer finish and a less acute nape area. When compared to the Tori, the Anastasia also has a more rounded back. Why not try one of each in a different colour when both are so lovely?

The crown layers are 15 cm in height. These layers gently transition towards the nape and seamlessly graduate. To achieve a lovely neckline, the nape has been deftly thinned off. If you are wearing this piece over your own hair, the 7cm nape provides lots of coverage. For the best fit, a wig cap is required.

The overall look of the Anastasia is modern and fresh. It is incredibly light to wear and easy to maintain.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.