Alegra Mono wig
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Here, at Hairlucinations, we give you the Alegra Mono. A lovely, light style which is flattering to most face shapes. A beautiful light and airy cap construction. There is a MONOFILAMENT, lace top area, which extends effortlessly into the LACE FRONT. We are delighted with the construction of the lace area, as it is delicate and you can clearly see that time and dedication has been put in, to ensure that this area looks as natural as possible. The LACE FRONT will allow you to sweep your fringe to which ever side you decide, without a hint of unsightly wig edge showing. If you are sat down at a table, or in your favourite comfy chair, the exquisite lace top will create the illusion that the fibre is actually coming out of your own scalp.

The rest of the inside cap is constructed by open wefts. These will allow for your scalp to breath and the air to circulate on your skin. Hopefully helping to keep you slightly cooler, on your wig wearing days.

The overall style of the Alegra Mono is a short cut with gentle layers throughout, which will help to soften your overall silhouette. The fringe measures approximately 4cm and has been feathered out, so it will not sit block heavy against your forehead. The crown layers measure about 6cm and have a soft lift, which you can tousle up if you would prefer a bit more height. This wig can be customised by seeking the skills of a reputable stylist.

The back of this wig will follow your contours beautifully. They will then blend into the nape which is short at 3cm. This is a light to wear wig, with a no fuss attitude. You can simply pop on your head and with the minimum amount of fuss, you are ready to go. There are lots of lovely colours available for you to choose from too, so you will have no end of colour options to consider. This is another Hairlucinations BEST SELLER.

The Alegra Mono has the thumbs up from MD Angela!

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