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The Alegra Mono is available at Hairlucinations. A nice, light style that looks good on most face types. A gorgeous, airy, and light hat design. With ease, the MONOFILAMENT, lace top portion transitions into the LACE FRONT. We are pleased with how the lace section was built since it is delicate and it is obvious that much care and attention was taken to make this region appear as natural as possible. You may sweep your fringe to whatever side you like with the LACE FRONT without having even the slightest suggestion of an ugly wig edge showing.

The gorgeous lace top will give the impression that the fibre is truly emerging from your own head whether you are seated at a table or in your favourite cosy chair. Open wefts are used to build the remaining portion of the interior cap. These will permit air to flow over your skin and help your scalp to breathe. Hopefully keeping you a little bit cooler when wearing a wig.

This wig's back will beautifully mimic your curves. After that, they will disappear into the short (3 cm) nape. This wig is easy to wear and uncomplicated. With the least amount of hassle, you can just put your head on and get going. You will have a plethora of wonderful colour selections to consider because there are so many of them available. This is again another bestseller from Hairlucinations.

MD Angela gives the Alegra Mono the thumbs up!

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