Albee wig
René of Paris
Alexander Couture

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Modern, chic, and oh-so-natural to wear, the Hairlucinations Albee wig is part of René of Paris' Alexander Couture line.

A short cut with choppy layers that can be smoothed down for a sleeker appearance or tousled up for additional volume. With the Albee wig, there is a lot of versatility.

In order to make the wig look as natural as possible, the TOP area has been HAND TIED and is sheer MONOFILAMENT. There is a closed, flower net material part in the CROWN region. This little space was created so that the volume at the crown would remain constant throughout the day. Finishing spray of any kind is helpful.

The 14-cm-long crown layers are sleek and seamlessly meld into the flicked-out back. The flicks then subtly merge into the wig's 5 cm-long nape.

A genuinely elegant appearance that is easy to wear and feels breezy, light, and comfy. You may be sure that every day, all day long, your appearance will be stunning.

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